First Landing State Park

First Landing State Park


This gorgeous state park is located at 2500 Shore Drive in Virginia Beach, located on the Chesapeake Bay. There are two sides to the park – the nature trail side and the campground / beach side. You can bring an RV and camp here or even rent a cabin on site!


One major thing to keep in mind is that this park is not an actual wedding venue, but rather a state park that allows weddings.

This is a popular spot for locals avoiding the hustle and bustle of the boardwalk resort area with parking that can fill up quickly during the hot summer months. 

The park does only offer weddings at 5pm or later during the summer months, however, we only offer beach weddings after 6pm due to the intense heat, crowds, and lack of parking.

This beautiful park is one of our favorite spots for beach weddings due to the gorgeous landscape, available parking, and ease of access for everyone. It gets VERY crowded in the months of May through September, so an evening wedding is an absolute must when choosing a summer beach wedding here.

This park offers chairs for a great price (only $5.30 each!), which has become a big to-do in Virginias Beach as vendors are not allowed to drive onto any beaches here in Hampton Roads to set anything up – we must park at a meter/parking garage like every other beach goer and hand cart everything to the beach. Chairs being available here allows you to seat 100+ guests!

The park also offers the ability to prepay for your parking passes, if desired ($10 per pass – though parking is not guaranteed and it may be tough finding a spot on early busy summer evenings!). If you don’t want to prepay for parking, your guests can pay on site upon entrance ($10 per vehicle).

This park also has a handicap mat leading down the beach, just keep in mind that your party cannot impede this pathway during your event. Beach wheelchairs are also available on site at no extra cost, though they do require some help with pushing on the beach.

So if CHAIRS and something set up on the beach is important to you, this is one of our go-to spots.

5 PM Wedding at the park

5:30 PM Wedding

6 PM Wedding at the park

One of the best sunsets in Virginia Beach is at this beautiful park

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